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An Overview of the McLeod Institute of Simulation Sciences, including: Preamble, Purpose and Activities, Goals and Resources, Activities of the Institute, Institute Faculty, Adjunct Professors, and Research Associates.

The International Centers of the McLeod Institute of Simulation Sciences, with contact information.

Modeling and Simulation Course Catalog with a search index of over 40 schools, institutes, and organizations involved in modeling and simulation.

A description of the Master of Science Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at California State University, Chico.

Simulation Repository (Resources) page with locations of specific McLeod Institute resources and worldwide simulation links.

Current Project Highlights

High Level Architecture

The Defense Modeling and Simulation Office, and the McLeod Institute are cooperating in developing the HLA University Outreach Program. This program is promulgating the HLA to colleges and universities at the undergraduate, graduate and researcher levels. The programs goals are to inform simulation users at universities of the applicability of the HLA to a broad range of simulation problems, to encourage application of the HLA to non-DoD models, to stimulate research into open HLA-related problems, and to educate students in the use of the HLA as a saleable job skill.

We are developing a number of products including a graduate course curriculum module, a researcher support package, an undergraduate course curriculum module, a searchable bibliography of HLA-related papers, vendor discount schedules for universities, and a contact list of HLA users in universities. The graduate course modules are designed to be inserted into existing graduate courses on simulation, distributed computing, or operations analysis. The first module covers the basics of the HLA and its use. It consists of six lessons with integrated slides, course notes, and lab exercises. The second module consists of units on several advanced topics. These units are essentially independent and can be selected for advanced coverage of topics as required. The bibliography contains citations and abstracts of HLA related papers, both DMSO-sponsored foundation papers and papers from university-based authors on a broad range of HLA-related topics. Wherever copyright restrictions allow, the papers are available for direct download from the bibliography.

A search facility for an annotated Bibliography to the High Level Architecture (HLA) of Simulation. Citations include abstracts, keywords and links to the full text.

Course materials for Course Module 1 and Course Module 2 in the High Level Architecture.

Real-Time Power System Simulation

The Real-Time Simulation Laboratory, which is part of the MISS-Chico center, is currently developing a real-time simulator for ac-dc-ac power systems. This involves the repeated solution of sets of differential, algebraic, and logic equations at high speed synchronized by a real-time clock. The simulator consists of a conventional Pentium-based PC interfaced to an array of digital signal processors. The PC serves as a user console and provides graphical display of simulator outputs; the DSP array solves the model equations in real time with frame times of 20 microseconds and less.

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