The CGC is in its second semester of sponsoring an Animated Short Project. Interested in collaborating on a portfolio piece? Stop by OCNL 241 Monday nights at 7:30PM and lend your talents! Or, if you want to see where the piece is currently at, visit the CGC message boards at!

The purpose of this organization is to create a forum for Computer Graphics and Animation students to interact and develop better skills in the field of computer graphics, animation, and special effects.

We have a major!

Fall 2003 was a grand victory for the Computer Graphics Consortium and for anyone interested in computer graphics, animation, and special effects. The major in Applied Computer Graphics has been finalized and passed, and is now declarable. Thinking about changing your major to ACG? Click here.

Message Board

Thanks to all of you that showed up to the Portfolio Building Extravaganza! For all of you that have signed up for either the animated short or the video game project, Alexis Winston has been kind enough to host a message board for us! You can visit it at Thanks Alexis!

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